Over 40 Years of Experience in the Flexible Packaging Industry

We combine our experience with state-of-the-art technology to create the most suitable packaging for our customers' needs.


We bring our customers' ideas to life by studying a product in line with its intended use and aesthetic expectations.


We support them from day one to fully satisfy their needs.


Once the material and type of packaging have been defined, we realise the customized project


Each product is 100% unique and customized.


When the customer is satisfied with the proposal, we move on to production.


Thanks to the technologies used, the final result is of the highest quality.

Our History

A long tradition in packaging and flexible plastic wrapping. A family business founded over 40 years ago and carried on by the new generation of Costanzelli brothers.

Our Strenghts

A passion for our work and a strong propensity to develop positive, long-lasting business relationships make us ambitious and always striving to improve our processes.

Analysis of Plastics

For the selection of plastics, we rely on specialized and internationally recognised partners, synonymous with reliability and guarantee. We subject the materials used to continuous checks to test their suitability for different uses and ensure a safe, high-quality product.


We are well aware of the consequences that may result from incorrect use and disposal of plastics. This is why we pay the utmost attention to respecting the environment, both in product processing and in the choice of polymers to be used, up to final disposal.

Reuse of Materials

All waste from in-house processing is promptly collected and sent to companies specializing in re-granulating plastics. It is then transformed into various types of items for specific industries or uses, where the use of recycled materials is allowed.

Advice on Materials

In our industry, each raw material has specific features and the use of one polymer rather than another is decisive for the result. We support our customers in choosing the material to be used for their product, advising them on the most suitable one.

Graphic Design

We collaborate with experienced graphic studios in our sector to realise our customers' ideas and customize their items in line with their corporate image and intended use. We propose different printing solutions to our customers to make their ideas a reality.

Quality Control

Our specialized staff carefully check all incoming raw materials, the various processing stages and all outgoing finished products, subjecting them to extensive trials and tests to ensure that our customers receive a top-quality product, made according to their requirements and expectations.


If required, we have a large warehouse that allows us to keep customers' finished products in a cool, dry place, suitable for storing their products which are therefore ready for scheduled shipments.

Transport and Delivery

Can't come to collect your material? Don't worry, with our vehicles we guarantee 80% of deliveries directly to your location, ensuring fast delivery time and maximum care for transport and goods.

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Our Team

A new generation company boasting over 40 years of experience.

Simone Costanzelli-Teamplast
Simone Costanzelli
Co-Founder and Sales Manager
Cristiano Costanzelli-Teamplast
Cristiano Costanzelli
Co-Founder and Production Manager
Francesca Pesci-Teamplast
Francesca Pesci
Administrative Manager

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They Say About Us

Reviews of our satisfied customers

  • Excellent!

For the manual packaging of our fashion accessories I chose Teamplast: a professional company always ready to meet our requests. Thank you!

Sonia G. – Founder Founder

  • Excellent!

I was looking for a distinctive packaging for the launch of a new product: I met Teamplast who realized exactly what I had in my head.

Andrea M. – Confectionery Company Sales Manager

  • Good Job!

I needed solid cover for our bins, which would protect the product during handling. Teamplast was the solution!

Stefano N. – Founder Founder

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